(PDF 4 MB) Additional file 2: Table S1: Differential expression o

(PDF 4 MB) Additional file 2: Table S1: Differential expression of miRNAs between primary gastric cancer and the corresponding metastatic tissue as determined by miRNA expression profile analysis. (DOC 41 KB) Additional file 3: Table S2: miRNA mimics and inhibitors used in this study. (DOC 31 KB) References 1. Wang J, Yu JC, Kang WM, Ma ZQ: Treatment strategy for early gastric cancer. Surg Oncol 2012, 21:119–123.PubMedCrossRef 2. Ferlay J, Shin HR, Bray F, LY2874455 concentration Forman D, Mathers C, Parkin DM: Estimates of

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