In this report we summarize the literature on neurological manife

In this report we summarize the literature on neurological manifestations in Goltz syndrome.”
“The presence of chlorine in drinking water supplies in many countries creates the undesirable side effect causing a relatively under investigated degree of polymer degradation in the polyethylene

pipes used transport. In order to predict pipe lifetimes and ensure safe water supplies, a kinetic model using data for the degradation rates of polyethylenes immersed in chlorine solutions, was developed. In order to replicate phenomena that normally occur very slowly at low concentrations of chlorine, accelerated ageing studies were necessary. These were carried out at high chlorine concentrations under well-defined experimental conditions (70, 400 U0126 MAPK inhibitor and 4000 ppm). Results showed that, for the chlorine concentrations studied, a chain scission process associated with carbonyl formation is occurring. It was also shown that

the rate of this degradation does not depend on the presence of stabilizer. A kinetic model, taking into account the chlorine concentration, is proposed in order to simulate the molar mass changes occurring. This will facilitate the prediction of the degree of polyethylene embrittlement and ultimately the lifetime. (C) 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.”
“Background: MK-8776 inhibitor Transformation of indolent lymphomas (IL) to an aggressive histology (TIL) often results in a rapid clinical course, treatment refractoriness and shortened survival. Although rituximab-containing regimens (R-chemo) have become standard of care in CD20-positive TIL, the role of autologous stem-cell transplantation (ASCT) is still debated. The purpose of this study was to determine whether the outcome of AS1842856 cell line TIL patients improved if they,

at transformation, also received ASCT. Furthermore, we investigated the outcome of cases with histologically low-and high-grade components diagnosed either simultaneously or after a period of overt indolent disease. We also analyzed, whether prior rituximab treatment during the indolent course of the disease affected outcome after transformation. Patients and methods: Eighty-five patients ( smaller than = 68 years) with histologically confirmed TIL were included. Five-year overall (OS) and progression-free survival (PFS) were calculated. Selected parameters were tested in a multivariate analysis. All analyses were conducted on three cohorts: (i) whole cohort (all TIL), (ii) patients with co-existing evidence of both indolent and aggressive histology at diagnosis (Composite/discordant TIL) and (iii) patients transformed after prolonged prior indolent disease (sequential TIL). Results: Fifty-four patients (64%) received ASCT consolidation and 31 (36%) did not. Within the ‘all TIL’ cohort, the 5-year OS and PFS for R-chemo + ASCT versus R-chemo alone, were 67% versus 48% (P = 0.11) and 60% versus 30% (P = 0.02), respectively.

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