Eur J Clin Invest

Eur J Clin Invest Selleck LY2874455 2008,38(Suppl 2):21–28.PubMedCrossRef 23. van Baarlen P, Troost FJ, van Hemert S, van der Meer C, de Vos WM, de Groot PJ, Hooiveld GJ, Brummer RJ, Kleerebezem M: Differential NF-kappaB pathways induction by Lactobacillus plantarum in the duodenum of healthy humans correlating with immune tolerance. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2009, 106:2371–2376.PubMedCrossRef 24. Cadieux PA, Burton J, Devillard E, Reid G: Lactobacillus by-products inhibit the growth and virulence of uropathogenic Escherichia

coli . J Physiol Pharmacol 2009,60(6):13–18.PubMed 25. Pena JA, Versalovic J: Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG decreases TNF-alpha production in lipopolysaccharide-activated murine macrophages by a contact-independent mechanism. Cell Microbiol 2003, 5:277–285.PubMedCrossRef 26. Perdigon G, Alvarez S, de Ruiz P, Holgado A: Immunoadjuvant activity of oral Lactobacillus casei : influence of dose on the secretory immune response and protective capacity in intestinal infections. J Dairy Res 1991, 58:485–496.PubMedCrossRef 27. Ogawa T, Asai Y, Sakamoto H, Yasuda K: Oral immunoadjuvant activity of Lactobacillus casei subsp. Casei in dextran-fed layer chickens. Br J Nutr 2006, 95:430–434.PubMedCrossRef

Geneticin 28. Backhed F, Soderhall M, Ekman P, Normark S, Richter-Dahlfors A: Induction of innate immune responses by Escherichia coli and purified lipopolysaccharide correlate with organ- and cell-specific expression of Toll-like receptors within PDK4 the human urinary tract. Cell Microbiol 2001, 3:153–158.PubMedCrossRef 29. Karlsson M, Lam S, Scherbak N, Jass J: Released substances from lactobacilli influence immune responses in human epithelial cells. Abstracts of the 3 rd Swedish-Hellenic life sciences research conference; March 25–27, 2010; Athens, Greece 2010, 341–376. In vivo 30. Sanchez

B, Schmitter JM, Urdaci MC: Identification of novel proteins secreted by Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG grown in de Mann-Rogosa-Sharpe broth. Lett Appl Microbiol 2009, 48:618–622.PubMedCrossRef 31. Frendeus B, Wachtler C, Hedlund M, Fischer H, Samuelsson P, Svensson M, Svanborg C: Escherichia coli P fimbriae utilize the Toll-like receptor 4 pathway for cell activation. Mol Microbiol 2001, 40:37–51.PubMedCrossRef 32. Shahin RD, Engberg I, Hagberg L, Svanborg EC: Neutrophil recruitment and bacterial clearance correlated with LPS responsiveness in local gram-negative infection. J Immunol 1987, 138:3475–3480.PubMed 33. FAO/WHO: Guidelines for the Evaluation of Probiotics in Food. [http://​www.​who.​int/​foodsafety/​fs_​management/​en/​probiotic_​guidelines.​pdf] Competing interests The authors declare that there are no competing interests. Authors’ contributions MK participated in the study design, carried out majority of the experimental work and writing of the manuscript. NS was responsible for the qPCR analysis. GR participated in the study conception and selleck inhibitor revising of the manuscript. JJ conceived and participated in the study design, coordinated the study and writing of the manuscript.

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